Design | Development | Deployment

One of the biggest advantages of working with PCN is the experience and expertise that the video team will bring to your project. We manage the technical process of production and assist you in bringing your vision to fruition.


The first step in the PCN process is to discuss what you want to achieve, and determine how we can build upon your vision.

  • Why do you want a video?
  • Who is the audience?
  • What does success for this project look like?


During this we develop a cohesive plan and prepare for a successful shoot: script development, storyboards, scheduling, casting talent, crew preparation, securing equipment and locations, and so on.


The goal of production is to capture the project assets. In other words, this is when we roll camera and shoot sufficient footage to make the editing process as easy as possible. This is where the previous steps culminate into something special.


In this phase, we edit the video; add music, audio effects and voice-over; adjust sound and color; and add titles and credits. Then we release the project for your target audience. We can help you market and distribute your video where your audience will see it.